1. Town 11 – Clunes

    Municipality: Hepburn Shire

    Population: 900

    First settled: 1839

    Main industries: Grazing, gold mining

    Claim to fame: Clunes was the site of Victoria’s first official gold strike. Now it’s one of only 16 “Booktowns” in the world.

    Five fast facts

    1. The main street of Clunes, Fraser Street, has been the setting for many Australian films, including Mad Max and Ned Kelly.

    2. The first European settler was 21-year-old Donald Cameron, who named the town after his birthplace in Scotland, which means “a pleasant place” in Gaelic.

    3. Clunes held its first Booktown Festival in 2006. The event brings together book-sellers, writers and readers from all over Australia and takes place across the entire town.

    4. Clunes is surrounded by rounded hills which are actually extinct volcanoes.

    5. Clunes is one of the most intact 19th-century towns in the central goldfields. It was home to the first registered gold discovery and also the first official gold strike in the area.

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